Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Exploring New Cultural Territory

Dear All,

Since I strongly believe that active participation in culture is an important part of a "real" education, I would like to encourage you to explore one or more aspect(s) of culture that you are not too familiar with during the next weeks.

Here some ideas of what exploring new cultural territory may mean for you:

* attending a literary event (e.g. a reading at the International Writers Festival or a play)
* taking a creative writing workshop (poetry, fiction, drama, biographical writing, etc)
* attending a dance performance (e.g. ballet, modern dance)
* taking a dance class (e.g. jazz, belly, ballet, salsa)
* going to a concert (classical, rock, jazz, blues, etc)
* taking some music lessons (e.g. flute, piano, guitar, voice)
* going to an art museum (Vancouver Art Gallery, Bill Reid Museum, Surrey Museum, etc)
* taking some art classes (painting, drawing, sculpting, batik, jewelry making, etc)
* going to a good movie (e.g. at the Asian Film Festival at the beginning of November)
* taking a workshop about film making or photography or web design etc
* going to a festival or other event organized by one of Vancouver's many cultural groups (e.g. Diwali, All Souls Day)
* taking up yoga, meditation, or tai chi, etc

Please tell us in detail about your cultural experience - and how it felt to you. You are welcome to write your comments in any genre (including poems, stories, journal entries, etc). Feel free to add links, pictures, and other material to give us a better idea about your experience.

If you don't know where to start, here a few links you may find useful in this context:

Vancouver International Writers Festival, Oct 16th to 21th:

Asian Film Festival, Nov 1st to 4th:


Music, Dance, Museums, etc (see categories on the LEFT):

Please enjoy your cultural experience!