Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Sharing Research

Feel free to share your research here. You can also post your power points (if you are using any) and further material that you don't have time to show us in your 50-minute presentation.

If you can't decide on a topic - this is your opportunity to try out one - and then write about another.

NOTE: Please do NOT write about the same topic here and in the post "your presentations." However, you are welcome to comment on different topics from the list below!

Here the topics:
1.           Creating Positive Change/ A Better World
2.          The Power of Art/Music/Dance/Poetry/ etc.
3.          The Influence of Mind on Matter
4.          The Role(s) of Dreams
5.          Creativity in Daily Life
6.          Finding Happiness / Fulfillment
7.          Mirrors and Masks
8.          Accepting Yourself, Accepting Your Infinity
9.          Cymatics – or: the World as Vibration
10.        Magnetism
11.         Colours
12.        Crystals
13.        Sacred Geometry
14.        The Elements
15.        Magic
16.        Language and Thought
17.        Metaphors as Doors to the Unknown
18.        Media / Mass Media / Social Media
19.        Advertisement and Behaviour Control
20.       Consumerism and Its Effects on the World
21.        Our Responsibility as Humans
22.        Alternative Models of Education
23.        Civil Disobedience as Vehicle of Change
24.       Swimming Against the Stream
25.        Forms of Leadership
26.       Relationships
27.        Animal Relations, Animal Rights
28.       Going Vegan
29.       Atlantis / Lemuria
30.       Exploring Other Dimensions
31.        Death  / Near Death Experiences
32.        Time / Time Travelling
33.        Extraterrestrial Life
34.       Parallel Realities/ Parallel Universes
35.        Artificial Intelligence / Robots
36.       Technological Innovations
37.        Alternative Medicine / Ways of Healing
38.       A Shift in Paradigm
39.       The Interconnectedness of the World
40.       Creating World Peace


Please do some research about the topic CONSCIOUSNESS and share your findings (including links to your sources) here!

Happy browsing :)



Tuesday, October 28, 2014

How Art Can Change the World

To Play and Play and Play ...

Hi All,

Please find a research article about the importance of PLAY and sum it up briefly. Also provide the link in case anybody else would like to read it :)

Thank you!

Multicultural Identity

Do you, like the speaker in Langston Hughes's poem "Theme for English B" define yourself as a multicultural being? If so, which cultures are part of you (and you of them)? Please tell us which cultures are particularly important for your identity.

Thank you!


Field Trip to Cultural Event!

Where did you go? Was it fun? Please share your experience here! Thank you! G.

Field Trip to the Museum of Anthropology

Hi All,

Please post any thoughts, memories, impressions, poems, pictures, videos, etc from your visit to the Museum of Anthropology!