Sunday, September 21, 2014

Peace Day 2014

Dear All,

Today is World Peace Day. Please use the opportunity to reflect on various forms of peace and/or maybe do something that creates more peace in this world. Please share your thoughts and/or actions with the rest of us.

Optional: start a volunteer project that spreads peace. Please think of peace on all levels in this context, i.e. not just global peace but also peace in your community, group, and/or family, peace inside yourself, peace with the environment and other species etc.

You can also join one of the many global meditations for peace today, e.g.:

Happy Peace Day!


Speaker's Corner

Hi All,

You have read & analyzed some effective political speeches recently. Please use some of the techniques you have identified in those speeches (such as metaphors, similes, repetition of key words,  syntactic repetition, systematic alternation of long & complex and short sentence, references to other texts, the effective use of the sound of words, etc) and write your own speech about a topic that is of importance to you. Try to be as persuasive in your speech as you can - and get your audiences excited about your topic.


Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Creating a Better World

Welcome to ENGL 112 - and to a new term!

Since you are, as UBC students, among the most educated people in the world, you will be among the leaders of tomorrow! Leadership always means responsibility as well. After all, you are co-creating the future....

Please take a moment to think about what, in your opinion, is "wrong" with our existing world and what you would like to improve. Then design a "PERFECT" - alternative - world.  Feel free to be what might seem "unrealistic" in your vision of this perfect world. Create a vision in your mind's eye that inspires you: the vision of a world that you would like to dream into being.

Now compare our existing world with your ideal world and think about some first steps that you could take to help change our current situation to a future that is closer to your ideal vision.

Please note:
This "assignment" is meant to be fun. You can approach it in a serious or in a playful way - or a combination of both.

Whatever you do, please enjoy designing your ideal world!