Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Creative Writing :)

Please write a story, poem, or short play - or anything else you wish - and share it with us.

Have fun!


Intelligence(s), Thoughts, Emotions, Language, Creativity, Intuition, Dreams

Please share your ideas about any of these concepts and their importance for us.

If you find any particularly interesting articles or videos about any of these topics, please share them!

Thank you!


Science and Spirituality

After having been completely divided for several centuries, Science and Spirituality seem to be moving closer together again - almost as if to confirm each other's theories....

Please re-read Elisabeth Sahtouris's article, "Cosmic Beginnings" (that you have read earlier in this class) and try to relate it either to the video What the Bleep Do We Know?  or to some of the episodes of Spirit Science.

If you have time, please also read Steven E. Kaufman's article "Science and Spirituality" in this context and listen to Deepak Chopra's discussion about the topic with Menas Kafatos and Rudolph Tanzi.


Elisabeth Sahtouris:

Steven E. Kaufman:

Deepak Chopra & Menas Kafatos & Rudolph Tanzi:

What the Bleep:

Spirit Science:

Scientific Views on Reincarnation

Many religions believe that reincarnation is a reality. However, until very recently, science doubted any form existence outside of the physical body. Only very recently has science become interested in non-physical phenomena, including reincarnation.

Here some articles, interviews, talks, and documentaries that are interesting in this context, among them:

Qing Di, "Evidence for Reincarnation from Western Medical Research":

Michael Newton, "A Look at the Soul's Journey after Death":

Michael Newton, "Souls and the Spirit World":

Interview with Brian Weiss, "What Does Past Life Regression Teach Us about the Afterlife?"

In Another Life: Reincarnation in America:

There are many more :)

Please comment on the topic and figure out what makes most sense to you!

Literature You Love

Please discuss any work(s) of literature you really LOVE here - or respond to your favourite literary work in a creative way (e.g. by translating it into a drawing or by writing a poem or story about it/ that involves it).

If you refer to literary works that people might not be familiar with, please add your sources so that everybody can find and read your chosen piece.



Dance - between Cultural Tradition and Self-Expression

Dance has often been described as one of the art forms that "stands for" a certain culture and its meanings and traditions. However, it can also be seen as a form of self-expression that leads to fulfillment and/or even healing.

Please post your reflections about this topic hear. Feel free to add links to articles, videos, and/or images.

Thank you!

New Models of Education

Please watch the following TED talks about new ways of education for kids and try to apply some of these ideas to come up with new models for the current university education system!

Here some sources you could start with (you may add others):

Sugata Mitra's talk about "Build a School in the Cloud"

Geoff Mulgan, "A Short Into to the Studio School"

Sir Ken Robinson, "How to Escape Education's Death Valley"

Dave Eggers, "Once Upon a School"

Kiran Sethi, "Kids Take Charge"

Arvind Gupta, "Turning Trash into Toys":