Monday, March 19, 2012

Interesting Ads, Websites, Videos/Clips, etc

Dear All,

Technology - though sometimes pretty annoying or even scary - can be a wonderful tool for creativity. Some ads, websites, and videos in particular use texts, images, music, sounds, movement and technical tricks to create really interesting effects.

Please post some links to ads, websites, youtube clips, and/or other (free) videos or even (free) games etc that you like here in this section and tell the rest of us:

1) what you particularly like about whatever you have chosen,
2) what the main message of the piece is, and
3) how the creator of the ad, website or video/clip managed to get his/her/their message across
    (i.e. what do you think are his/her/their main strategies).

I really like the following clips and would like to share it with you:

The two projects from Dan Cole's portfolio below are also very interesting, I think:

More playful and less serious, the following two ads: the first one uses a metaphor - and take sit literally - the second one a well-known story:

I am looking forward to your pieces,


Thursday, March 8, 2012

word, words, words

Another way to play with words - and to produce an infinite number of texts:

please pick 20 words from the words in the picture and number them from 1 to 20

write a text (poem or story or article or journal entry etc) that uses the words in the order you have given them (i.e. from 1 to 20)

write a second text in the same genre that uses the words in reverse order (i.e. from 20 to 1) -> see what happens

you can go on trying other sequences of the same words and see what happens

ask a friend to give you his/her sequence of words and do the same thing

Here some words to start with:

Have fun!


Visual Poems and Sound Poems

Many poets love to play - and to use language in a very experimental way. Examples are visual poems and sound poems. Please share links to your favorite visual poems and/or sound poems and comment on your reading/listening experience, your thoughts about these poems, and other comments you may wish to share.

Please feel also free to post your own visual and/or sound poems here!

Some of my favorite visual and sound poems are:

Earle Birney, "Alaska Passage"
(apparently not available on-line - so you have to find it in the library)

bp nichol, "What is a Poem":

bp nichol, "Love Poem for Gertrud Stein":

Bill Bissett, "Gypsy Dreamers,":

Bill Bissett, "Chant":

See also: 2 parts of Phillis Webb interviewing Bill Bissett and bp nichol:

Contemporary Visual Poems are easily accessible:
-> just google: "visual poems image" or: "concrete poems image"

For Visual Poetry through the Ages see:

Please do not forget to play with the sounds and the visual arrangement of words yourself. It really is fun!



In his article  "Language Crimes: A Lesson in How Not to Write"
<>  Dennis Dutton makes fun of the typical academic style that so many scholars use in their papers.

What do you think of this topic - and the typical "Academese" that seems to spread like a disease?

Thanks for you comments,