Thursday, March 8, 2012

Visual Poems and Sound Poems

Many poets love to play - and to use language in a very experimental way. Examples are visual poems and sound poems. Please share links to your favorite visual poems and/or sound poems and comment on your reading/listening experience, your thoughts about these poems, and other comments you may wish to share.

Please feel also free to post your own visual and/or sound poems here!

Some of my favorite visual and sound poems are:

Earle Birney, "Alaska Passage"
(apparently not available on-line - so you have to find it in the library)

bp nichol, "What is a Poem":

bp nichol, "Love Poem for Gertrud Stein":

Bill Bissett, "Gypsy Dreamers,":

Bill Bissett, "Chant":

See also: 2 parts of Phillis Webb interviewing Bill Bissett and bp nichol:

Contemporary Visual Poems are easily accessible:
-> just google: "visual poems image" or: "concrete poems image"

For Visual Poetry through the Ages see:

Please do not forget to play with the sounds and the visual arrangement of words yourself. It really is fun!


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