Thursday, September 20, 2012

Analyzing Texts

Dear All,

I think that looking closely at texts and figuring out what makes them work, is a very useful exercise: on the one hand, it helps us understand why certain texts are convincing (while others are not), on the other, it teaches us how to compose effective texts ourselves.

Please have a look at one or more of the texts listed below and analyze them. Pay attention in particular to how the speaker or writer of each text uses language to get his/her message across. If you don't know how to analyze a text, please check out the following handout: 

I hope you will find the texts interesting - and you will be able to learn from them as well as from your analysis.



1) Speeches & Lectures:

Nelson Mandela, Inaugural Address (May 10th, 1994):

Deepak Chopra, "Speech for Cinema for Peace":

Stephen Hawking, "Does God Play Dice?

2) Articles & Essays:

Elisabet Sahtouris, "Cosmic Beginnings":

Bill McKibben, "A Link between Climate Change and Joplin Tornadoes? Never!":

Peter Slezak, "Thinking about Thinking: Language, Thought and Introspection":

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