Friday, April 5, 2013

Some More Poems

Dear All,

Here a few more links to some poems that fit into the context of our class but that we haven't had time to read and talk about. Take a break from studying and read and enjoy them! Of course, you can also use them to practice a bit more textual analysis if you feel like it :)

Margaret Atwood

"The Moment"

"This is a Photograph of Me"


"Siren Song"

Langston Hughes

"Dream Deferred";postID=2814306957123428698

"Dream Variations"

"Let America Be America Again"

"I Continue to Dream"

"As I Grew Older"

This was the last post for now! Happy Summer!



  1. The poem As i grew Older by Langston Hughes is about chasing your dreams.

    It seems that this man once had a dream and he was getting close to achieve it "But it was there then,
    In front of me,
    Bright like a sun"

    But something happened, something prevented him from reaching his dream, a wall grew between him and his dream.

    It wasn't a fast process but the dream kept getting further and further away from him until it became a long gone memory, a memory that he has "almost forgotten" about.

    but suddenly he realizes that he actualy is carrying the ability to achieve his dreams as he looks at his hands and realizes that his hands are breaking the wall between him and his dream.
    it was always inside of him, he just never realized he could do it.

    his hands alone break down all the walls and reach the light, he reaches his goal, his dream. and he does it by himself after almost giving up.

    1. Good explanation of the poem - and great cartoon!

  2. These words are responding to the poem "This is a photograph of me" by Margaret Atwood

    The title of the poem arouses readers' interests on what the photo of her looks like, and why she uses a photograph other than a painting, a portrait? Besides, It conveys a quite definite message that Margaret wants to share something about herself to the readers. The "character" in this poem is going to be herself.

    She starts off by describing the photo in the first three paragraphs. Tree, house, lake and hill compose this photo--an image of peaceful countryside without any sound or motion. But yes, of course, because this is a photograph, photograph is born to be still, it is not in J.K Rowling's magic world. However, through turning a vague image into relief, Margaret does not include any people in the picture. How is this called "a photograph of me"?

    Then the following paragraphs which are parentheses complete the poem. The first sentence of this part "The photograph was taken the day after I drowned" is answering to the first sentence of the poem "It was taken some time ago". Because she is died, all the words she is saying are parentheses. She tells she is actually in the picture, drowned in that lake, where is the center. This suddenly breaks the former peaceful image. How harmonious the current photograph looks gives how violent the struggle before drowning was.

    This photograph is probably a reflection of the poet's ego. The poet's self is trapped, is suppressed and is not free as drowning under water in the photo. The water also acts as an invisible wall, which disturbs other people to contact and understand the real Margaret. The distortion here may refer that people's perception of her is always not correct. Only after a long enough interacting can others see her.

    The poet is written in the first person to converse with the readers, which empowers the readers to feel more closely and easily what the poet wants to express.

  3. Excellent points! Thanks for sharing your thoughts about the poem!