Thursday, October 10, 2013

Playing with Words and Genres

Hi All,

Please choose 3 of your favourite GENRES (e.g. poem, story, letter, recipe, ad, editorial, text message, email, song, play, essay, movie-script, ...) & any 5 WORDS from the word cloud below.
[Tip: choose words that are NOT obviously related, i.e.: instead of choosing "video" & "computer" & "game" & "iPhone," choose: "computer" & "dragon" & "coffee cup" & "lipstick" & "galaxies"]

Write a text that contains all three of your chosen genres as well as all five words. Please make sure to motivate your switch in genre each time. You can switch back and forth as often as you like.

You can use the 5 words as often as you like - (at least 1x each). If you use them only once or twice, please keep them in the back of your mind as key words for the whole piece.

This exercise is meant as a playful activity and can be done in a group of 5 or more as well: group members can switch around texts after each paragraph and thus produce some "team writing."

I hope you have fun writing this piece!



  1. Hi, here is a short piece I wrote using some of the words and different genres. It is completely fictional and the bird I mention probably doesn't exist. Please comment or continue it if you like.

    Words: Ladder, sleep, blue, air, excitement
    Genres: E-mail, Short story, Article

    Dear Rosa,
    I am sorry that I won’t be able to meet with you to go skiing this weekend. I fell of a ladder yesterday when I was fixing the roof. Don’t worry I didn't fall from very high I was already half-way down when I slipped. I am fine and don’t think I broke anything but me back hurts and I couldn't sleep well last night. I am planning to see the doctor today about my back. Please don’t worry about me and enjoy skiing with Louise and Jessica. Maybe I can come with you next month.
    Love Samantha

    I read over the e-mail I had just composed again and hit send. The pain in my back was really excruciating. It took me a whole hour to get dressed this morning. Then I called my boss to notify him that I couldn't come in to work today. He wasn't pleased at all since the new project was requiring all the company’s attention at the moment. Why did I have to go and try to fix the roof on my own? Why couldn’t I wait for my landlord come back from his Hawaii vacation in three week? Well that is what I got from doing something that wasn't technically my job. I had wanted to replace the roof tiles that had been blown off in the last storm so that the roof wouldn't leak when the rainy season started. I had thought that it couldn't be that hard. All I had to do was get the spare tiles, the ladder and some tools. With those items I was able to fix the roof. Just when I was on the way down I saw the most amazing bird flying few feet over my head. His wings and tail feathers were a brilliant sapphire blue contrasting his jet black chest. He glided gracefully and effortlessly through the air with a few flaps of his wings. I was filled with excitement remembering an article I had read in my favourite birding magazine:
    ‘…the cornflower finch is a very rare sight and has been reported to be seen only three times in the last ten years on the West Coast of British Columbia. It is estimated that less than 50 individuals are left in the wild. They may be facing extinction due to the increase in air pollution that the species is extremely sensitive too. Therefore it is unlikely that we can save the remaining individuals left and our only chance to see the cornflower finch will be in captivity…”
    The picture below the article had showed a shot of a bird that closely resembled the one I had just seen. Perhaps if I could get a picture I would be able to win the best picture prize that the magazine encouraged readers to take part in. I turned my head to see where the bird was flying and in that moment I lost balance and slipped. My fall was luckily cushioned by the bushes in front of the house. At that time I was so surprised and shocked that I didn't feel any pain in my back. I was also a bit disappointed that I didn't get to see where the bird went.

  2. Lovely start! Thanks for posting! I very much hope you - or somebody else - will continue! If not, I might have to do it myself :)

  3. Words:Robber, Beatles, Failure, Antarctic, Space.
    Genres: poem, prayer, life story.
    In his songs,
    Beatles sing,'can't buy me love.'
    Yes, nothing can buy you love. So don't make that much money.
    In thousands of Beatles songs, the only word is 'love'.
    To love or perish.
    When you appear again in my life,
    I don't know what to expect: love or scar.
    We are different than any couple.
    We are such that perfect that are so imperfect.
    Remember love is what every one of us after.
    Robbers even love; they rub others' love and turn them into theirs.
    Love is in arctic; love is in antarctic.
    Across space, I can find you.
    Love to an individual level is like love to a group level.
    We love our wives; we also love everyone's wife as friends.
    That day, you bow down and pick a rose,
    I say this is for you, you nod your head and blushes.
    Although today we are not together anymore, I am still grateful to you.
    love make your days splendid, love make you like Jesus.
    Oh my Almighty God,
    You know I can't live without you.
    Yesterday a robber robs my home and leaves me with nothing.
    I am not afraid because you are there, you will give me back not only the things i have had before but also lots more things, to fill my heart and home up.
    Sometimes i do feel lonely, and I belittle myself. However, you tell me whoever belittles himself will be lifted. Failure shouldn't be my company. I should transcend failure and let God's love spreading to everywhere in this universe.
    I should go to antarctic to preach to Eskimos. Should I explore the space and tell aliens the Bible.
    Everything is under your control my captain--Jehovah.
    I speak from the behalf of Jesus Christ,

    Life story:
    This day, a notorious robber is walking on the street trying to rob someone. Suddenly Beatles' singer Lennon passes him. The robber leaps forward and hovers toward Lennon. Lennon says,' I can give you everything, including my house, my car, my shoes, however, one thing you can never take away: everybody's love in this space that are towards me. The robber suddenly feels weakness in his heart: I do the robbery for half of my life. What I get is always money, and I don't need money.My family members leave me. I feel so guilt and am like a failure. However, this is not the ending of the story. He steps forward and strips Lennon and sends him to antarctic. Lennon feels so cold there, however, when he dies, he says,' Love will never perish. I love every person in this world. For them, i am willing to die." Three days later, he rises to the heaven. And the robber's sin is also forgiven by God and Lennon(Jesus).

    1. Good work, Leon! Thanks for sharing!