Monday, November 18, 2013

Poetry Alive!

Hi All,

More opportunity to play: please share your poetic creations here!

Have fun!



  1. World’s most Livable City

    The World’s most livable city,
    By Mercer’s living quality,
    Includes several elements,
    That allows for assesments.
    Topped by social environment,
    With a strong law enforcement,
    Affordable housing and goods,
    And appealing weather records.
    All these factors help determine
    The best place on Earth to live in.

    A jewel emedded in the West,
    Vancouver slowly sleeps in rest.
    Due West it marks the Pacific,
    Due North stand mountains majestic.
    Blue skies all day in the summer,
    Snow that won’t stay in the winter.
    White Black Yellow live together,
    Thus embracing multi-culture.
    Government respects human rights,
    Pension benefits to max heights.

    Beautiful Brit. Columbia
    The Best Place on Earth via
    Licence plates that run around town
    Secretly hides its royal crown.
    She always hits top of the list,
    When other cities fall in mist.
    Vanouver is definitely,
    As Mercer suggests publicly,
    For longer than a century,
    The World’s most livable city.

    1. Hi Ray, thanks for your poetic "ad" - or anti-ad? - about Vancouver! Can you comment a bit on your intended tone? I would need to hear you read the poem to be 100% sure if you are being serious or sarcastic - or both at the same time :)

    2. Love how the rhyme scheme and meter falls almost perfectly (it's easy to tell you spent quite some time on it). I adore my city as much as you do!

  2. A disordered world
    Pepsi tastes like bugs.
    Coca-cola taste better, as far as to me.
    Even between these two drinks, there is disorder.
    which one to choose? Which one is more healthy?
    Which one is cheaper? Which one more matches not only me but also every others favor?

    Movies should share similar messages wherever it is made, be it China, USA...
    however, as a Chinese, I feel scared to watch USA movies simply because their full of sexual images.
    Being a conserved person, acceptance turns its self down here.
    Choose to watch or not choose, either way I can't win, because I am already involved in the vortex turbulent. life doesn't give you chance to breathe.
    Life tries to suffocate you.

    A disordered world is always there, however those who turn it into a beautiful place in their hearts are able not to fear it.
    The more you are not fearing, the easier you see this disordered world.

  3. The Journey

    Dark days will come. Days you will just want to fade.
    Staying awake while daybreak is just crying,
    For friends you lost, for lovers that betrayed,
    For chances you took that were worth trying

    Someone without laughter, without delight
    Is compared with a burnt down hopeless tree.
    Without joy, life would be black and white
    Put a smile on your face, for it is free.

    Look at “building” instead of “destroying”
    Life's Road is endless with one dead end
    The time and effort gets quite annoying
    Make your dreams come true and don’t try to blend

    We cry, we hurt, don’t stop for anything
    The path is long so expect everything

  4. I can’t ask you what I need answered.
    So I asked myself today,
    Who am I?
    I’m a human with an identity crisis
    The identity lost in the abyss
    Searching for myself in the darkness
    Lost in my own sadness
    I am
    Where can I even begin?
    A kid who never really fitted in
    Loving heart dreadfully searching
    For connotation but all everybody understands is the contradicting shadow of what I request to be
    My attention goes and goes
    Goes on judgments
    Goes on judgments with no times
    No times means no endings
    I converse too enthusiastically sporadically
    My attention raises the firearm deprived of rational thoughts of the penalties and
    Arguments shoot out of me
    Language like a lash producing impact for a crash
    And the subsequent possessions
    Hardened mouths though behind relationship?
    What can I become?
    I am the poet
    Stressed to retain success
    Stressed to comprehend that
    I can develop better
    Chances arise so I grip them.
    My hands feel tired from the hold.
    I let go and my potential slips right out of my hands with them.