Sunday, September 21, 2014

Speaker's Corner

Hi All,

You have read & analyzed some effective political speeches recently. Please use some of the techniques you have identified in those speeches (such as metaphors, similes, repetition of key words,  syntactic repetition, systematic alternation of long & complex and short sentence, references to other texts, the effective use of the sound of words, etc) and write your own speech about a topic that is of importance to you. Try to be as persuasive in your speech as you can - and get your audiences excited about your topic.



  1. I am happy to join with you, my peers, in today’s speech about peace.

    Peace and development are two main themes of the world today.

    But, could you imagine that even in the present days, wars are still happening in the same world where we live.

    Have you ever noticed the conflicts between tribes in Africa?

    Have you ever noticed the casualties in Syria or in Libyan?

    Have you ever noticed that the Israeli military attack on Gaza day by day, minute by minute?

    Can you feel people’s sadness, depression, and pain when they witness and experience the wars?

    Mothers are crying over their lost sons.

    Daughters are crying over their parents.

    Families are crying over their lost houses and land, and entire families getting wiped off the face of the earth.

    Genocide, a crime against humanity, war crimes, destruction and tragedy are continuously happening.

    We need PEACE.

    Peace is not only a kind of affair of a certain country or race, but also of everyone on the earth.

    All of us are citizens of the earth, and all should make contribution to world peace.

    People are sincerely from the heart crying out one word - peace.

    Peace can turn painful into joy.

    Peace is to the planet what sun is to earth.

    There will be no vitality if there is no sunshine shining upon us.

    There will be no happiness if there is no peace revolving around us.

    We love peace.

    And we need peace.

    My fellows, we must take necessary actions to stop brutality and cruelty.

    Even what we can do is just small, simple, daily acts that promote peace.

    Everyone is taking small actions every day.

    Eventually, we would achieve the world peace.

    We would live with the shiny and wide sky, with the quite and comfortable wind, with the healthy and pretty flowers and with the normal and happy lives.

    We need peace.

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  3. Have you ever felt discriminated by the color of your ethnicity? Have you ever felt different amongst your friends at school because of your religion? If not, about 2/3 of people around this world have, because nearly 100% of people are racist, sometimes you never know when you are being racist or not because racism is now bound to be human nature. Racism has been a big issue since 1594 which was about 417 years ago and it has been getting worse ever since. Many people take racism as a joke, until they have been through this racial discrimination themselves. I believe that it doesn’t matter whether you are African American, Caucasian, Chinese or Indian because in the end of the day we all are human beings, we all were born with two eyes, two arms, two legs the only thing that differs amongst us all is our skin colour.

    So the real question is how would you feel if every now and then you are to be pulled over for no apparent reason by the police? How would you feel if you are asked more questions than other people at airports? Mostly how would you feel if you are treated or looked at differently by other people? Racism has affected and scarred many people throughout their lifetime; it has left many bad memories in people’s hearts. Racism is one of the worst things you can do or say to someone’s, racism is not something little, it is a big issue in our society now. Have you ever been laughed at during class? Been looked at differently? I’m sure majority of you have not but for one minute put yourself in those children’s place that have and imagine how it would feel…how much it would hurt and upset you if that happened to you or your loved ones… it’s not a good feeling is it? So the next time you treat someone differently think twice about it because you never know how much it could affect a person just by saying a single word towards their skin color. Racism has made huge effects in people lives, resulting in committing suicide, skipping school, and turning to drugs or alcohol just because of the single racism term someone may have said towards them, it could change a person’s life; you could change a person’s life. Smiling, or opening the door for someone throughout the day can make a person feel that are cared for, and noticed. Little aspects such as this can be just as good to make a person feel wanted, and needed.