Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Creative Writing

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  1. TED Talks

    Clay Shirky : Why SOPA is a bad idea.

    Clay Shirky in this ted talks outlines the outrageous bills that the US congress passed months ago limiting the “internet” and the creativity that goes about there. First, Clay Shirky shows an analogous problem from years ago when cassette tapes were still around as well as a local bakery at his college. He shows how the copyright laws of the United States limited the production of cakes to professionals and the copyright laws limits it so that only the professionals are capable, and have the resources to create new things. The amateurs trying to create new mix tapes, new cakes and things, or simply trying to share these things were portrayed as thieves in the eyes of the government of the United States. Clay Shirkly then explains to the viewers the fear that the “traditional” media companies have for the ever expanding internet. The traditional, movie, music and photography industries fear the creativity of the general public as anything interesting that the public may create is a threat to their own bankrolls. Finally, Clay Shirky goes into talking about SOPA and PIPA itself. Outlining the goals of SOPA and PIPA and showing how it will affect the average user and the day to day operations of the internet. Clay effectively shows the audience that the fear of the traditional media companies is destroying the new social media that has been created with the dawn of the late 1990’s. To many people today, a world without Facebook, Youtube or Google is unthinkable, Clay appeals to that by listing each of the major social media sites online that would be effected by both SOPA and PIPA. He then says that the very senators who supported SOPA and PIPA have had substantial donations given to them by these very companies, showing that these senators are not thinking for the general public of America and the world, but of their own wallets.

    Ted Talk # 2
    How simple ideas lead to scientific discoveries

    Adam Savage, in this TED talk discusses and illustrates examples of how simple curiosity and simple questions can lead to the greatest discoveries in human history. Adam says “ The simplest questions can carry you out to the edge of human knowledge.” He says this because Richard Fiemann’s discovery and nobel prize winning ideas stemmed from a very simple question that he asked his father as a child. When he was young, Fiemann asked his father why a ball rolls backwards when you pull a wagon forward. His father attributed this to inertia, which is not incorrect, but was not able to explain why inertia existed.

    Next, Adam talks about Aritostinies who was able to prove that the earth was round with simple geometry, math and a catalyst. The catalyst was simply having Aritostinies looking down a well during the afternoon when the sun was directly overhead. With the information that the sun was right overhead, the idea blossomed in his mind and he was able to find the circumference of the earth to within 1% of the real radii.

    Adam continues to give examples of philosophers and scientists who made simple discoveries, Armand Fizo and Gallileo, much like Aritostinies used a simple idea and was able to calculate the speed of light with crude instruments to within 10%.

    Adam uses these great philosophers and scientists of the world to illustrate the importance of continuing to be curious and to question everything around us in the world because in essence, that is what science is all about, the curiosity of the individuals. He says this because scientists and philosophers such as Newton and Einstein almost seem inhumane to us, detached from humanity and very different from us when in actuality they were just people like you or I.