Monday, November 12, 2012

Creative Writing

Dear All,

Please share your creative work here with the rest of us! Poems, stories, short plays, and anything else you wish - including cartoons and manga as well as any other pieces that combine multiple media - are welcome. If you do something fancy that is difficult to post in a comment to a blog, feel free to give us the link to your own website that is better equipped to the form you have chosen.

You are also welcome to do one of the following EXERCISES and post what you wrote here.


Multiple Genre Combo:

Please write a text in a genre of your choice that includes at least two other genres - as well as at least 5 of the following word: magic, metamorphosis, mirror, wall, door, window, moon, cat, butterfly, chocolate, water, well, man, woman, dragon, game face, tweet, computer, coffee, cup, bottle, blue, green, yellow, red, black, white, purple, orange. (Or use any other words of your choice but let us know which words you are using.) You only need to use your chosen words once (please underline them so that we know which ones you have chosen). Of course, you can repeat them as often as you like. In any case, please keep them in your mind as key words for your piece.


Seeing Things from Contrasting Perspectives:

Please choose a text and retell "what really happened" from two contrastive perspectives. Try to choose the language (vocabulary, syntax, tone, style, etc) that is appropriate for the character through whose eyes you retell the events and feel free to make up concrete details that reveal the personality of each speaker and the motivations for his or her actions.

Have fun!



  1. Here is a poem titled: And I survive

    The flashback of mine is full of ecstasy
    The memories though are a bit hazy
    Yet when I reach upto them
    Feeling them again, they make me crazy.

    I wanted to grow being a child
    The imaginations were vividly wild
    Trying to do my very best
    The actions, alas, remained very mild

    As I grew up, the world was new for me
    The racing humanity, I felt lagging behind lonely
    The speed used to scare me, the run was aimless
    What do people run for?
    Made my mind a mess

    I tried to run, was left behind
    I tried to rise, got crushed by my mind
    Struggled, fought, rose I brought up my own
    Taking my head high, I began to roam

    The hearts were polluted, I resisted
    The minds were diluted, I opposed
    I was no longer the same person I used to be
    With this dynamic world, I got used to be

    Still today my thoughts remind me of myself
    Still lying there is my ownself
    The point I had left, it watches me with kind eyes
    Wanting to return
    But I am strong enough, and I resist
    And I Survive…

  2. Sestina- The Journey

    I was walking alone one grim, gloomy night
    Along a narrow trail, a lengthy path.
    The sky was black and incredibly dark.
    No light shining from the heavens nor the stars,
    Which made me feel alone, as if I were smaller than a fly.
    Luckily, I knew the sky would soon again be blue.

    As the darkness began to fade, the horizon regained its gentle blue
    And day overcame the frightful night,
    As the sun began to warm, birds began to fly.
    My vision was now clear, focusing on my path,
    Guided by the wind and the stars.
    Though the day was light, my journey was still dark.

    My quest had taken me far into a cave; deathly and dark.
    I had journeyed over mountains and across a sea of blue,
    In search of an item sent down from the stars.
    The legend is, it came soaring down from space in the night,
    Many years ago and now it is my destiny; my path,
    To find this item, so I can too, fly.

    An artifact from the gods, with enough power to squash a person like a fly.
    It may be powerful, but it takes over your world, turning it completely dark.
    Or so it is said, but I pushed onward, up this tired path,
    Towards the peak, which cuts into the vastness of the blue.
    At the summit, the world seemed to stretch forever, until it turned to night
    And once again, all I had to follow was the stars.

    I wonder what is out beyond the stars,
    A mystery that will never be solved, even if I could fly.
    Pondering these inquiries in my dreams late at night,
    Why are the stars so bright, but space so dark,
    Will I ever fly through the clouds in a sky so blue,
    Will this journey ever end on this perilous path?

    I am still in search on this never-ending path
    And as I grow older, dimmer appear the stars,
    Like I’m becoming ill, blinded and blue.
    I haven’t given up on the hope to fly;
    Though, reality is sometimes cold and dark,
    Like a stormy, winter night.

    There is always another day after the night
    And even though it may seem like your trapped in the dark,
    Always keep believing until you can fly.

  3. Guidance for the Future to Come

    Hi mom, Hi dad.
    In these past 17 years, I experienced many things.
    In these moments, many were full of regret
    For there were many morals that I have not learned
    If there were ever a second chance, I would propose for a new teaching,
    One that can change my life for the better:

    Give me guidance, but don’t restrain my freedom
    Support me in times of need, yet not to over-push the limit
    Steer me towards the right path, but give me independence

    Let me remember my family bonds,
    For they will always be there for us in times of need
    Do not let me stray from my dream path:
    Let me hold them close and tight, never letting go.

    Provide me daily healthy nourishment
    To reject all infections and diseases that try to fight its way in
    Keep me healthy and fit through involvement in many sports and activities

    Teach me respect for one another
    Teach me honesty in words
    Teach me perseverance to continue walking
    As those qualities will allow me to succeed in life
    At all times, never leave my side at any cost,
    For you are the only light that can pierce my darkness

    With these newly learned roots that you have taught me,
    I can stem a new life, but only this time
    It is one of great success and happiness
    Bringing the meanings of joy and content to my life.

  4. Change.
    The Change We All Yearn For.
    Our Growth; Our Opportunity; Our legendary; Our Redemption.
    For Bliss; For a Perfect World. All Wrongs Made Right.
    The Redemption from Self Destruction.
    From Malicious Evil; From Unnecessary Chaos.
    Change. Where Everything Speaks a New Language; A Language of Hope
    My Shoulders Drench with Sorrow; As the Society Grieves With Pain.
    I See Paramedics Carrying the Bodies of Young Boys and Girls.
    My God Bring This Madness To a Stop!
    Mothers Cry with Pain; the Pain of Child Birth Memories; Their Babies’ Lives Taken Away.
    They Remember the Tender Feeling of Holding Them Close in Their Bosoms.
    And They Curse the Path the Society Has Taken.
    Perverted Souls in the Society; Who Don’t Discriminate.
    About What Should Be Killed and What Should Be Spared.
    Young Beautiful Dreams Now Shattered.
    Change is Change. From Past; From Present; To Future.
    Positive Change is Nigh. Only if We Believe in Change.
    Flowers will Bloom. Trials Swapped with Happiness.
    A Stop to Tears. A Stop to Hate. A Stop to Violence. A Stop to Pain.
    Peace. Understanding. Love. The Cure to All.
    Positive Choice. Positive Change. Positive Mentality.
    Ooh Dear Lord. Help us Co-exist with us!

  5. Here is a short narrative I wrote about different perspectives:

    I learned today how deep love and hatred dwell. Having been cheated on by what I thought was the love of my life five years ago, I was doing well for myself. The first year was hard, but today I was married to a man of true character, and was carrying our first child in my belly. Then I saw him. He was walking with a young woman, who looked to young for him. I am sure he didn’t see me, so I just watched from the other side of the street as he laughed, stopped at a street vendor and bought roasted chestnuts for them, and then merrily walked into a shop. I was shaken to the core. I knew that that time in my life was over, and that I was happier now then I could ever be, but seeing him so happy laughed in the face of the person I was five years prior, being assured by a best friend that he would never find happiness having left someone like me.

    5 years ago my life changed. I got caught cheating on my young, darling wife. I had thought I had already changed for her, but then a few months later I got… distracted. But in the end it was her that changed me. After that I realized how twisted I was, and how I was not looking at love the right way. She left me, which is something I will always be thankful for, but still leaves me with a feeling of emptiness. I saw her on the other side of the road today. She was flushed and I knew it would distress her if we made eye contact. I could see the signs that she would soon be having the baby of a better man. As I walked into a store with my current fiancée, she knew something had happened to me, and I knew I would be telling her a story of why I was the man she loved.

  6. The pool
    It is filled to the brim of universe
    Each in our murky circles,
    Lines blurring.
    So we build ships in order to float on the waters,
    winged-machinery to fly over,
    military underwater crafts to explore its depths
    The mind, ever-developing,

    Does that ever end?
    So close to drowning in this bottomless pool,
    No lifeguard.
    The toxic plastic begins to fill,
    swirled by the changing winds,
    not unlike the rubber ducky
    in the bath.
    Heat waves, cold blasts of wind,
    uncontrollable and spiralling.

    Where is the occasional leaf that floats on the surface?
    The natural harmony
    is no longer part of this world.
    In a tug-o-war of power,
    "survival of the fittest".

    How should we live
    To find a way out of this suffocating waste?
    So many questions,
    none answered.
    For now,

    We can only tread water.