Sunday, December 1, 2013

Building a Research Library

Hi All,

Thank you all again for sharing your highly interesting presentations in class and on this blog! Since quite a few people were interested in similar topics, I think it might also be useful if you could share links to interesting articles, websites, and projects you have come across in the context of your research. I know that some of you added links in your individual presentations already. I just would also find it useful to collect them in a little research library here. Maybe with a focus on 1) sources that analyze the  problems that exist in today's world and 2) sources that suggest solutions for these problems.

The purpose is to have these sources all together in one spot for potential future team-projects!

Thank you!


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  1. For my part of the project, I discussed about the ongoing issue of poverty.
    Here are some links that I used to accumulate my information, and some extra ones in case anyone wants to look further into the topic.

    Poverty Facts and Stats (analyzes the problem)
    This webpage consists of shocking statistics relating to poverty. It also discusses about the consequences associated with poverty if it continues. The website also analyzes the extreme discrepancy between wealth of countries and individuals. It’s definitely worth taking a look at.

    Poverty, a major social problem (analyzes the problem, suggested possible solutions for the future)
    This article is discussed both poverty and income inequality of British Colombia. So if poverty statistics worldwide does not influence you, take a look at this article as it addresses this problem, locally. It also makes recommendations for suggestions for problem resolution. (analyzes the problem and solution to problem)
    This organization helps address and suggests ways the general public can help with the cause. The website is organized in a way where you can get familiar with the problem, get involved with the cause, or donate to help.

    End Poverty 2015 Millennium Campaign (address multiple problems associated with poverty and suggests solution to problem)
    This organization is similar to the one above. It provides various solutions to combat multiple problems associated with poverty. The organization also set goals and time frames they want to meet, which potentially can further motivate change.

  2. My topic of research essay is to reduce the global meat consumption. There are many problems of health, environment and animal rights caused by the intensive livestock industry, so reduce the meat consumption is a reasonable solution for these problems. There are some links about the intensive livestock industry and meat consumption situation. Hope you guys can enjoy it and want to eat less meat.
    This research essay names “Intensive Livestock Farming: Global Trends, Increased Environmental Concerns, and Ethical Solutions”, which introduce the global trends of the intensive livestock, identity the environment issues caused by the intensive livestock farming : increased greenhouse gas emissions, land degradation and water pollution (analyze the problems) and analyze some possible solutions including legislative changes and stricter regulations, community mobilizing, and consumers choosing to decrease their demand for animal products (sources that suggest solutions for these problems).
    These two links are the meat consumption situation of US. The first is US and International Meat Consumption Chart, while the second one is “Trends in meat consumption in the United State”. The chart directly shows the ranking of different kinds of meat consumption in US among global showing the high meat consumption and unhealthy lifestyle in US. The analysis shows the trends, distribution, potential determinants, and public health implications of meat consumption within the United States.