Sunday, December 1, 2013

Movie Time :)

Here some links to movies that fit into our course theme of building a better world:

Tom Shadyak. I Am (movie - 2010):

Gandhi (movie - 1982):

Wayne Dyer: The Shift (movie):

What the Bleep Do We Know? (movie - 2004):
See also the What the Bleep Website:

Please comment on any of these movies - or on movies with similar themes!

Thank you - and enjoy watching!



  1. Hello, Gudrun!
    I have been trying to reach you through email a couple of times since last Tuesday, and getting no response from you. If you can respond back to me through my email, or otherwise, that would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

  2. Thanks for showing "I Am" in class, Gudrun! It was an inspirational film that carried positive messages and makes people think about their actions, beliefs, and values. The movie was well-done in that sense, but to me, a lot of the discussions were from the point of view of an idealist. Talking about what works and doesn't in our society is easy but for change to happen, it needs more than that. The attitudes shown in the film were very positive and enlightening but I think for people to change their current societal attitudes, we need to take smaller steps. Many will find it hard to transition from the current values in society with more progressive and cooperative principles and if we try to completely revamp our societal values a lot of things could go wrong. On the other hand, I guess the aim of the film was to capture positive energy and send it to its audience in hopes of changing their attitudes by showing them the World is more than just economic systems, being dominant in everything etc. and I definitely agree with that. Regardless, it was really well constructed film and I enjoyed it very much :)

    1. I can totally see your point, Jenny! Maybe the actual change will happen in very small steps. However, I think it's also all a question of changing our awareness. And if more and more people change their awareness (and values), I think positive change can happen a lot faster than it currently seems. Well, I have to admit, I, too, am an idealist :)