Monday, December 9, 2013

Music, Sounds, Words, Thoughts and Matter - or: the Amazing Influence of Vibrations

Hi All,

Many of us have always felt the power of music - as well as the power of words on our well being. How sound changes the form of matter can be shown in simple experiments. Please watch, for example, the following links:

Cymatics - Bringing Matter to Life with Sound
-> PLease follow prompts for the other 2 parts

Similar experiments have also been performed on water. See, for instance:

   Water Has Memory:

   Water Memory and Structured Water:
   Interview with Dr. Masuru Emoto:

    Spirit Science, Part 20: “Water”:

Please think about how vibrations, sound, and words - or even thoughts! - can affect us and the reality around us!

Thank you!


Water Crystal - after being exposed to the word TRUTH


  1. I watched the interview with Dr. Masuru Emoto and looked up some of the experiments he did. It is very stunning to see the pictures of the water crystals that resulted from being exposed to music, words, or prayers. I have never heard of him or his findings before and think that more awareness should be brought to the amazing ways that vibrations can effect matter. Although some it may not be scientifically proven there are a lot of examples of this that we can find in nature. To me it makes a lot of sense that we have power over our well-being with our thoughts. If our mind was filled with positive thoughts we would be more optimistic and this would reflect in our actions.
    The video on water having memory was also interesting. We usually think of water as not living. Yet our bodies are composed of mainly water. Without it there would be almost no live on earth. I think that we need to remember that how we treat water will effect it's quality in the future. Once it is polluted it can be very hard to clean to its original pure state. Therefore it can be harmful to us if we drink water that is has had toxic contaminants in it.

    1. Excellent comments, Wiebke! Thank you very much for posting them!

  2. The one thing that I've gleaned from watching the videos above is that there is no limit to how a positive attitude can change our lives. Generally, I tend to lean on the more pessimistic side but after watching these videos, I think I'm going to try to be a more optimistic person. Ever since I was young, I've noticed that people who make the best of every situation are so much more at peace with themselves and aren't as stressed out all the time. But most of all, they're happy with who they are.

    What the experiments above show is that in order to be happy, we need to be positive people. Constantly telling ourselves that we aren't good enough does not and will not help us to become more positive or become better at something. Especially in young children, these experiments show it's so important to encourage them in whatever they do and not to pressurize them too much. They need to be told that they're loved and that they belong where they are. Actually, this is applicable to every age group. We all want to be loved, and we grow as people when we're in a safe and comfortable environment and around the people who accept us and make us happy.

    The shapes of the water crystals were so lovely to look at! I never really thought that sound could affect water so much, and it makes sense that those sound vibrations could affect us because we mostly comprise water.I think the same goes for sounds of words. When we say certain words, they are said with different frequencies, and each frequency has a different affect of vibration. I think that this is the result of our tone when we speak. It's fascinating to think that when I say something positive to myself, it affects me to such lengths! Fascinating stuff!

    1. Yes, you are totally right, Mahira! Thanks for your insightful comments!

  3. "Music expresses that cannot be put into words but cannot stay silent"- By Victor Hugo. After watching these videos i have found that to be truly happy one needs to be in peace with himself , like the kung fu panda movie. And to be in peace with yourself ,Music can help you get it.
    Music has the power to influence mood and behaviour in people and it is no secret that it is used at every available opportunity. We are introduced to music in our mother's womb even before we are born. U2's lead singer said that " Music can change the world because it changes people". Music not only can equally influence people of different sect , cast , culture , religion , nationality equally. It can also bring about the change we want to see in the world!. After all the 60s, were all about music , weed and peace.
    The water video was absolutely amazing , never in my wildest dreams i would have imagined that ice molecules looked so beautiful.

    1. Thanks for your highly interesting and true comments about the power of music, Abhi!