Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Multi-Genre Exercise

Dear All,

Please choose 5 of the words listed below (or any other 5 words of your choice) as your keywords for a piece of writing that is composed of 3 different genres. Please make sure that the piece is coherent and makes sense - despite the switch of genres.

Words to choose from: dragon, snake, gold, silver, earth, water, fire, air, magic, music, dance, song, story, game, computer, phone, TV, coffee, store, bottle, ship, door, window, mirror, mask, gym, weights, boots, coat, lipstick, necklace, creation, test, love relationship, man, woman, blue, red, black, white glimmer, blanket, police, escape, hiding place, rice, fruit, margin, centre, pencil, string, theory. 

Tip: your piece will probably be more original if you do NOT choose words that are obviously connected but words from different areas (e.g. instead of choosing: dragon, fire, red, gold, magic you may consider choosing: dragon, computer, blue, rice, lipstick, police).

No matter which words and which genres you choose, please make sure that you take the specific genre conventions as well as the situation and the context implied in each genre into consideration and that you try to bring out the specific character of each genre as well as its contrast to the other genres you have chosen. Please also keep your five words int he back of your mind throughout the piece and try to create connections and some kind of coherence within your piece despite the generic variety.

This exercise is meant to be fun!

Enjoy playing!


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