Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Rewrite a movie you really love as a story in which you play an important part.

Have fun! 



  1. Inception

    This spectacular film is mainly about the concepts of dreaming, what happens when we're asleep, what happens when we wake up, and what happens during the dream.

    I feel connected as an important part of this movie because similar with any other human being, I sleep. When I sleep I tend to experience all the symptoms described in the movie. This reason amongst many others, is why I love this movie.

    The storyline is about Dom Cobb, who can steal valuable secrets from an individual during a dream state. His skill has made himself a valuable asset, but also turned him into an international fugitive and cost him his family. He is now offered a chance for redemption. Instead of stealing an idea, Dom and his team is responsible for planting one in a subject's mind. If the mission goes according to plan, Dom will be a free man. If not, it will cost his life.

    The answer of Dom's survival is left unanswered.

    I invite you to watch this movie. I guarantee, you will not be disappointed. As I believe this is the best movie I've ever seen!

  2. Good Will Hunting

    This movie is about a troubled mathematics genius, Will Hunting, who works as a janitor at MIT. A professor discovers his amazing gift, and attempts to help him. However, Will causes a lot of trouble until he meets a special psychologist...

    I would like to see another genius act as Will's rival in the movie. I wouldn't play the part as his rival because I'm not a genius, nor an actor. However, I feel that it would create a whole new story line where Will isn't being forced into therapy, but rather challenged and is willingly getting his life back on track.

    -Andrew Moon

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