Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Poetry Time

Write a poem that usese at least THREE of the following words: blue, dog, star, teacher, obsession, parachute, exceptional, lilac, diamond, whistle, midnight, mist, miracle. Then illustrate your poem. 


  1. Midnight Miracle

    A natural obsession,
    like a dog and his bone
    or Galileo and the stars,
    exceptional and worth pursuing.
    You my lady
    are a midnight miracle

    Hair scented with a field of lilac,
    Eyes shimmering like diamonds
    through the hazy mists of inebriation,
    Lips like an angel's wings
    ready to carry me to a new high.
    The clock strikes 12
    I jump,
    no parachute.

  2. The Poem That Wasn't

    I want to write a poem, though
    No metaphor is here to grow
    No perfect simile comes to mind
    No great comparison can I find

    There are no vast blue skies
    To show your eyes
    No fragrant rose
    To entice your nose

    Midnight will arrive
    Still I will strive
    To write something great
    But it just won't equate

    The words are flowing
    This poem is growing
    But little has been said
    And I’d like to get to bed

    Perhaps diamonds will save
    This piece that’s so grave
    They can’t you say?
    Then I’m on my way

    It’s not meant to be
    This poem and me
    So I will stop
    The pen, I will drop