Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Word Portraits

Write 5 “wordportraits” of words you are not too familiar with. Be inventive and have fun!

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    This refers to the unexplained phenomenon where you wake up due to source of light which you cannot identify. It shines right in your eyes and you try to raise a hand to block it out, but as soon as you open your eyes it disappears.

    The fibrous skeleton that bends and opens in ferns when the weather gets warm enough for them to unfurl. It is also delicious, and makes lovely stew if you are hiking and find yourself low on supplies. Season with oregano.

    The voice skill which allows a female vocalist to do bass sounds by throat singing. Originally discovered by the Inuit of Canada, who use it in rituals and dances.

    One who’s aim in life is complete every task with as little energy as possible on their part. They strive to really do nothing at all and simply sit and contemplate their existence and the pointless-ness of life.

    Something which contains very small or pulverized material in great quantities. Many stuffed animals for example, due to their containing large amounts of fluff.