Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Art of Advertising

Please compose an advertisement (text & image) of an idea, concept or value you want to promote. Try to make use of the power of both text and images to make your ad as persuasive as you can!


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  2. Do you have an interesting and brilliant idea in your mind? Do you just dream about it? Have you ever tried to make it to reality? Maybe not, but why? The idea cannot become true because of three reasons: lack of knowledge, lack of skills, and lack of capital.

    Can you believe that once you have these three components ready, then you would have your own business and be your own boss? This sounds easy, but truly it is harder than you can imagine. Imagine yourself having a great idea of a mobile app. To be a real app, you need to understand the programming and coding of the app (computer science). Then you need to know how to promote the app, which requires tons of marketing knowledge (commerce), and then you need to buy hardware and licenses to write out the program (capital). In this simple case, you already need all these knowledge and resources, which takes at least 4 years to gain the computer science knowledge or the marketing knowledge and sometimes to save up the capital. What happens if your idea is bigger than a mobile app? It will require even more knowledge, which then requires more time. While you are thinking of this, you might be thinking of giving up already, but EnAct can help you.

    EnAct is an external organization in the University of British Columbia. EnAct does not simply educate students on how to start their own business but also provide resources and connections for people to make their business ideas a reality. Back to the mobile app example, with the help of EnAct, you can now make connections with people who might already have the computer science or marketing knowledge. Thus, you can save up years just to gain knowledge from these two fields. Also, EnAct can provide funding for the hardware that you need to write the program. Yet, EnAct provides guidance on setting up a business, for example where to get a business license or other business related issues. With the help of EnAct, your idea will become true, your idea will be EnActed.