Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Story Time - again!

Write a story in which you explore one of your dreams, or emotions, or compulsions, or memories, or experiences.


  1. This is the story about two sisters. A true story actually. About my sister and I. My sister was born in 1988, November 17. She was a happy but lonely child; so over and over again, she would ask my mom and dad for a sister to play with; she promised them that she would help take care of the baby and that in the future, and that if there were ever a time where she only had one piece of candy, she would give it to her little sister. And so, a little more than 5 years later, I was born.

    When we were young, I was very close to my sister. We played together, took baths together, and ate together. I still remember a game we use to play that my sister made up to scam me of my pocket money. It was called "Garage Sale". Basically how this "game" works is, my sister would take out any of her junk like drawings and trading cards, and she would sell it to me. And of course, as a young little girl that adores her big sister more than anything, I always fell for it and would spend all my pocket money on these pictures she would draw.

    I really loved my sister. I remember there was one time when she went on a camping trip with her grade 7 class. At the time I was only in grade 1. My mom and I dropped her off at school and watched as the school bus left the parking lot. Almost right when the bus drove off, I started crying, and asking my mom "When is sister coming back?". And for the next three days, I cried and asked the same question over and over again.

    But things started to change when my sister was in grade 9. She started dating this guy and didn't have time for me. I was very jealous of him because she would be spending all her free time with him instead of me. And so, I grew further and further away from my sister.

    Then when I was in grade 9, things took an even worse turn for our relationship. We went to a church camp together. Because I was a little sick on the day we went to camp, my mom told me not to stay up all night on the last day, which was traditionally done for every camp. But of course, being rebellious at the time, I did. After the camp, my sister ratted me out to my mom. I couldn't forgive her. I felt betrayed. And for the rest of my high school life, I ended up barley talking to her.

    It wasn't until when I got into university did things started to get better between us. Maybe because I was more mature, or maybe because I needed her advice in a lot of university issues, but we started talking again. I really missed that.

    About a month ago, I found out that my sister's fiance (the same guy that she dated in high school), was relocated to Kelowna for policing. And after the wedding, my sister will be also moving to Kelowna with him. Although I would never admit it to her in person, but I am actually sad that she's leaving. I feel like because of our childish behavior, we wasted years of time together.

    Kelowna isn't very far away and they'll come and visit from time to time, but for sure, it isn't close enough for me to drive over whenever I want to chat with my big sister. It just wouldn't be the same. What a shame.

    1. Ashley,

      Wow! That is a deep and meaningful story. I don't have any siblings, so I can't speak from experience, but it sounds like you'd feel better if you would confront your sister and settle your differences and lost love. Clearly she's played a big role in your earlier life, up to when you were in grade 9.

      Maybe if you admitted to her you'd really miss her, you guys can catch up on the years you spent away from each other, and also develop a newfound respect and mutual love. Surely, you don't have to always be beside your sister to love her, but clearly her friendship means a lot to you.

      I agree that it's a shame to have someone you love move out and further from you, but I think on the other hand, you can be happy for her that she's found someone and has started a new life with that person. Things like this are just part of the serendipities of life. Good luck!

    2. This story is especially close to heart because I also have a sibling myself, and I understand the pain of having to "deal" with them but at the same time they are such an important part of our lives. Your story truly reminded me how time flies by so fast, and even though it seems like we seem our brothers or sisters every day right now, in a few short years - everyone will be moving out, or moving on. We will have a new chapter in our lives without each other, and we should be happy and enjoy every moment that we share with each other. It makes me happy to hear that you Thank you for this important reminder and heartfelt story!

  2. My dream

    We walk along the sea wall, hand in hand. Enjoying every moment we have, not wasting a second that goes by. The sun begins to set, I can see all the reflections on the water. It reminded me of a beautiful portrait, like one was on top of the other. I take a deep breathe, to soak in the atmosphere. It was perfect, just you and me. There was not a place I'd rather be, because the thought of being with you makes me smile. Suddenly, we stop and our eyes meet one another. I slowly lean in for a kiss, it was the perfect scene. Then I woke up, only realizing it was all just a dream.

    I just can't seem to retain the beauty of your face. It brings me frustration, only wishing that I could dream of you again. That might be the reason why they're all called "a dream." But if there is ever a day I meet you face to face, I can finally understand the feeling of having "a dream come true."

    1. Before posing a question I would like to make to things clear:
      -I really enjoyed your use of language in this, very nice to read.
      -I am not trying to be a jerk by asking this question.

      The question:
      -What would you did if you actually did meet the person face to face?

      It seems like it would really flood you emotionally, but since the other person would have no knowledge of the dream I feel like it would be awkward to present yourself to them.
      Imagining the situation I really don't know if the best way to handle it would be to play it cool and just get to know them while keeping the dream a secret, or present them with the dream and tell them they were in it, or ask them if you knew them from somewhere and just base your move off their reaction.

      I'm curious if this ran through your mind, and if it did what your thoughts were.

    2. Hello Garrett!

      Thank you for your feedback! No offense taken.

      This is actually a very good question. To be honest, I have no idea what I would do. Based on my past, I found that making plans for these types of situations would never end up with a good result.

      To know that a girl is "the one" then I would have to be with her and spend time with her for emotions to build. When the moment comes, I can trust my future judgement and instincts to make the right decisions.

      What would I do? I can't tell you right now because even I don't know how my 'happily ever after' will turn out.

  3. This past weekend I flew home to spend Easter with my family. Home is Stony Plain, Alberta. While I was at home, I heard the news that my old hockey team, the Edmonton Thunder, of which I had been apart of last season and went to nationals with, had won the league championship for the sixth year running. My Saturday night consisted of celebrating with the team and reminiscing about my days with the dream team, prior to my career ending injury.

    All of my life hockey has been the one thing that never changed, was always there when I needed it, and let me release all of my anger, stress and frustrations. It was my life year round from when I was just six years old. I received a scholarship and the opportunity to play for the UBC Thunderbirds team for this season and came to university ecstatic and excited to be continuing my hockey career, following my dream and most importantly doing what I loved. This all came crashing to an end before classes had even started when I got injured in training camp and was forced to retire from hockey. Suddenly the world was crashing down around me. I was in a new city, a new province, where I barely knew anyone. Suddenly the one thing I was confident about was gone, like the blink of an eye. Retiring from a lifetime of sport because of an injury is hard. Transitioning to a new city and to university is hard. Both together was near impossible, or so it seemed.

    I eventually got over it, moved on with my life, and recognized that hockey could no longer be my life. Suddenly it seemed a blessing that I was at a university where I knew few people, and few people knew about my past. I avoided the questions and the comments easily, as my friends were unaware that I had undergone a huge life change. I had become okay with no longer playing, thinking it gave me more time for my studies and social events.

    Seeing my old team and celebrating with them Saturday, however, brought a flood of emotions. I realized how much I missed the team atmosphere, always having a goal to work towards and people who will stand by you no matter what and always have your back, a second family. I miss the special bonds between teammates as they turn into best friends. I miss the pressure and the intensity. The practices, games, wins and heartbreaking losses. I miss winning championships and the feeling of ultimate glory as you lift the trophy overhead and hear only static as the cheering voices all blend together.

    1. You are a very strong person. I can't imagine having to accept what you did and being able to take advantage of being somewhat alone to capitalize on it. I very much respect you for your capability to handle the situation. If you can handle that you'll probably be able to handle anything. It's like that old saying: What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

  4. A dream I had last week...

    Suddenly I am. There would be no explanation for how I arrived here should I care to wonder, but there are other things on my mind at the moment. I am in a viscous fluid that looks green when I glimpse it in my periphery, but becomes clear when I try to look at it. I can't actually feel the fluid against my skin, so perhaps it is not in fact a fluid, but I am simply suspended in space somehow. Anyhow, this again is not my focus. I know I must run forward, towards the door to the chamber I am in. The walls of this room are made of grey brick, and stretch infinitely upwards and downwards. I know I must run to the door, for I can feel something creeping up on me from underneath me, somewhere in the depths of the infinite tower I am floating in. As I try running for the door, I find that I can't move my legs! I look down at my legs and they're moving, which is confusing for me... I become increasingly nervous. I realize however, that although I am not dictating my movement, as my anxiety increases, the door is getting closer to me... closer... closer still. I arrive at the door, and hurriedly break it in half with my head, sending pieces of what appear to be crackers flying in every direction, and then... nothing. Well not quite, just I feel extremely relaxed and weightless. Before I felt gravity on my body, as one does when floating atop water, however now I feel as one might at the apex of a roller-coaster track, just before the cart drops. then I turn around to look back through the door and I jump in surprise; there is no longer a door, but a giant eye looking at me. This is not the strangest part however; I am immediately awestruck with what I see in front of me, pst the giant eye. I am on the edge of the universe, looking into the bubble that is everything. Drawn to enter the bubble, i touch it's surface and it disintegrates just like a soap bubble would. I feel extremely sad obviously, because I think I have just destroyed the universe. However, as the edge of the bubble recedes, it's contents start to spill out in every direction, bumping into me, or moving slowly past like marbles on a three-dimensional table. But the contents are not marbles, they are miniature stars and planets and galaxies, all floating out from where they were and surrounding me in an endless points of light. I grab a handful of stars... to my surprise, they feel sticky and warm, kind of like melting gelatin candy. I decide that it's a good idea to eat one of them. It wasn't a good idea. My body tightens up and I start to shake; I can't breath. The plantets and stars disappear and everything is blackness; suffocating and deafening blackness. That's when I burst into the upright sitting position, gasping for air in my bed at home... sad I didn't do anything more interesting with the universe... but happy nonetheless that it was a dream.

  5. Exploring an experience:
    Christmas is a time for family and friends, but this year Christmas break also meant two weeks off for me to cram in all the mountain biking I didn't get to do while at UBC. One particular ride with my long-time friend Morgan Taylor and a bunch of now new friends is still pretty fresh in my memory. Morgan showed up 30 minutes after our planned meeting time with four guys and four bikes squeezed into his single cab F-150. We left my car where it was and I piled myself and my bike in as well.
    When we stopped and un-stuffed the truck, Steve Sheldon (a new friend) promised a freshly baked Christmas cookie to any of us that could pedal to the top of the fire road in their big chainring without putting a foot down. With mixed confidence we all gave it a go, but as we climbed higher the snow started to cover the road and then became deeper; with ice underneath, Steve himself didn’t even make it!
    I had spent the night before making my bike all pretty with the new parts, stickers and soap so it would shine in front of Morgan’s camera. By the end of the first trail, the shine I had worked so hard on was already covered in a layer of brown. Everyone else’s bikes and bodies looked the same—but since Steve was leading us around his favourite trails, we were also all sharing the same ear to ear smile.
    Then we arrived at the snowless steeps of our last trail. Morgan’s fingers thawed out enough that he could take some pictures and we got to work jumping into a little chute and splashing through a big puddle. Since the winter weather hadn’t been very nice to the trail in recent weeks, we spent a bit of time clearing fallen trees and adding a bit of dirt where it was necessary.
    As soon as we found a couple jumps and set up for a shot, a thick fog started to roll across the trail—then was chased away by sunshine, and came back as quick as it had left. The fog and the sun kept playing their game while Morgan tried to get a shot; I must have hit it seven times before we were finally happy we’d got “the one.”
    Everyone else had become cold while we were shooting, so we decided to get on with the ride. Of course, as soon as we had started, the sunshine lit up the hillside in a way Morgan couldn’t resist—and we all spent some time hiking up and having our photo taken.
    Finally we made our way to the end of the trail, splashing through more puddles, learning different lines and generally having a good time. I couldn’t be happier out riding my bike. The fact that I got to ride a bunch of new trails with a bunch of new friends made the whole thing even better, and an adventure I will remember for a long time.

  6. Exploring an Emotion:

    The End

    And its only sad because I so wish I could wake up from this nightmare and everything would go back to the way it was before. Except I haven’t slept, and this nightmare won’t end, and you’ll never love me the same way you did two and a half years ago and we’ll never kiss again and you’ll never hold my hand again and you won’t show up at my door steps with starbucks and I won’t get to sleep on your stomach again and call you my totoro. But that’s okay because you need your space and you don’t want to feel trapped and you don’t think this is the right feeling anymore and sadly, theres nothing I can do about it.

    Its sad because I wish every time my phone rang it was from you, and everytime my phone buzzed it was you telling me you missed me and you were just joking and you can’t live without me and you want me back in your life again. But its not you. And you’re probably sound asleep right now and you didn’t even give me much thought last night and just focused on studying for midterms. Did you cry last night before you slept? Did you think about me? Were you just this close to picking up your phone and calling me?

    I can’t be me without you. I’m so alone and I need you quite bluntly. But you want to be alone and I can’t stop you and theres nothing I can do to change what has happened.
    You said you’ll miss me. You said you still love me. You said - if we’re meant to be. How long do I have to wait? I’ll miss you every day that you're gone until your back with me. I always joke and say that I want to break up but in reality I love you more than i’ve ever imagined and that’s what sucks. I wasn’t supposed to fall in love with you more than you love me. And I let it happen. And I wasn’t supposed to.

    I’ll miss you. I’ll miss our lazy sundays, and our bus rides to school where I get to sleep on your shoulder. I’ll miss eating a lot with you. I’ll miss your cooking. I’ll miss our special date nights that we barely get. I’ll miss joking about your man boobs. I’ll miss being lazy and you doing my homework for me. I’ll miss kissing you. I’ll miss holding your hand. I’ll miss hugging you. I’ll miss you coming over to surprise me randomly. I’ll miss you calling me babe. I’ll miss calling you mine. I’ll miss dressing up on Halloween with you. I’ll miss Christmas with you. I’ll miss being able to share my day with you. I’ll miss us. I’ll miss everything.

    Please don’t let this be real. Please come back to me. The sad part is after being together for so long, I feel like I know you well enough that if you’ve decided to end it – you aren’t changing your mind that easily. Which makes it so much more painful because this is it. This is the end. There isn’t any way back out. I’m sorry for how I treated you, and I wish I could’ve been a better girlfriend for you. I’m sorry I was difficult and got angry easily and gave you a hard time, all the time. Its too late and everyone always realizes what they had after its gone. I knew what I had – I just took it for granted. I never thought there’d be this day - the day that you leave me.

    I need you. I really do. Please don’t leave me.

  7. My memory of him contrasts so much from how my family talks about him. They say he was mean, abusive and caused so much pain. They talk about how much he drank, and how he would come home late at night and start yelling. My mom talks about how her mother used to take her and my uncles to lake house every summer so that they could escape him. In my case, I only have one memory of him, and it's one of my fondest.

    I was very young and my whole family was over at my grandma's house for dinner. After dinner, everyone was sitting in the living room and the grown-ups were having a conversation. Me and my older brother were sitting on the floor in the middle of the room playing with two toy catapults that my brother had made in cub scouts that day. He and I were firing little rolled-up balls of paper at each other. However, this game quickly turned into a brutal bombardment where my brother and I joined forces and were firing volleys at my grandfather, sitting only a few feet away in his favourite chair. His face grew brighter every time one of our small paper projectiles bounced off his face. He started laughing , deep and warm, grabbing everyone's attention. His joy seemed to emanate through the room and soon everyone was laughing.

    That is my only memory of my grandfather because those were the last few hours he spent in that house. He was taken to the hospital later that same night and passed away a couple days later. I remember that night every time I go over to my grandma's house for dinner and sit in my grandpa's old chair. I've never been able to convince myself whether or not I wish I had more memories of time spent with my grandfather. Maybe if I had, my opinion of him would change for the worse. I like to think that I remember him at his finest, when he was happiest and making us all laugh.