Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Poetry Time - again!

Compose 2 poems that either make strong use of sound elements OR of visual shapes OR that are based on an extended metaphor.




  1. I will attempt poetry...

    1. Night time

    The CRACK of thunder shatters bones,
    Sending hordes of beast men home
    Fleeing heavenly bolts of light;
    Electric whips that pierce the night

    The THUMP of hooves against sand
    Could stifle screams of any man
    And without pause to feel the rain
    Wretches return from whence they came

    While swaying trees CREEK and moan
    Not just beast men feel alone
    For they, as vampires, fear the light
    And here day breaks with ferocious might

    The HISS of darkness leaves the land
    As sunshine extends her soothing hand
    Calling the frail to enjoy the day
    Before the cycle starts again

    2. Kaleidoscope

    I see triangles first;
    Then again and again
    Triangles of color
    Arranged in circle;
    A pattern!

    Magically they change
    Squares now
    Colourful vivid squares
    Like picture frames
    Liquid picture frames that change;
    Become shapes I have never seen!

    Sometimes there are stars
    Sometimes I see flowers
    Sometimes just circles.
    What if life were like this?

    What if we could change shapes
    And we were all just
    Part of one big pattern.

    One giant mess of shapes and colors
    Changing constantly
    But remaining the same;
    The same patterns repeated
    Forever, until
    I stop turning.