Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Scientific Views on Reincarnation

Many religions believe that reincarnation is a reality. However, until very recently, science doubted any form existence outside of the physical body. Only very recently has science become interested in non-physical phenomena, including reincarnation.

Here some articles, interviews, talks, and documentaries that are interesting in this context, among them:

Qing Di, "Evidence for Reincarnation from Western Medical Research":

Michael Newton, "A Look at the Soul's Journey after Death":

Michael Newton, "Souls and the Spirit World":

Interview with Brian Weiss, "What Does Past Life Regression Teach Us about the Afterlife?"

In Another Life: Reincarnation in America:

There are many more :)

Please comment on the topic and figure out what makes most sense to you!


  1. I first became interested in the topic of reincarnation when I was searching through YouTube videos, I found a documentary video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9w2MCpzE8u0) about Barbro Karlen, who appears to have reincarnated from Anne Frank. Barbro remembers her life as Anne Frank since she was very young, and claims that she does not belong in the family she currently lives in. So her parents took her on a tour to Anne Frank's residence before she passed away, and Barbro confirmed the reincarnation of Anne's soul by correctly describing the house and its interior designs. Despite having memories of her past life as Anne Frank, Barbro also have the same personality and interest in writing as Anne.

    Another case described in the video is about a young boy who remembers his previous life as a WWII American Pilot who was on a mission to bomb Japan when his plane unexpectedly crashed. Scientists who studied this case states that there are no evidence that the young boy could have learned about WWII and that specific plane crash from the environment he lives in; however when they researched on the deceased pilot, the young boy's descriptions of the airplane's name, plane crash event, and geological location all matched the history about the pilot.

    These are just two strong cases that suggest reincarnation, but both the display of knowledge and similarity of interest and personality may be coincidental. These possibilities are the reasons why I started doing my research on reincarnation to explore the extend of actions that suggest the possibility of reincarnation, and some factors that promote the continuation of the soul.

    What I found during my research is that the possibility of reincarnation is displayed from the extend of birthmarks at the same location on body as the scar of previously lived person, similar personalities and hobbies as a deceased person, to cases of currently living person having strong memories of the previous life. Some factors that contribute to the reincarnation of the soul, if that is a possibility, are karma of previous life, the desire to learn about and have better understanding of the world, and violent deaths of previous lives.

  2. After watching the interview of Brian Weiss (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MqPNsj1we50) regarding what past life regression teaches about the afterlife, I have come to wonder about the birth marks that spot many bodies, and how after life, everyone reincarnates into a new person. Birth marks are also theorized to be the reason why someone dies, and that the area where you have a birthmark is where someone killed you or something happened to you in the previous life. It is also theorized that when you die, and if you see a light at the end of a black tunnel, it is you as a child exiting your mother's womb, and thus, if you go towards the light, you are reincarnated and you are blinded and undergo retrograde amnesia. If you do not go towards the tunnel, then I assume that miscarriages occur or failed pregnancies and births result. It's interesting to think about, but also terrifying, for who could you have been in the past life, and what have you done?

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    2. Hi Jackie,

      I found it fascinating when you mentioned that the area of your birthmark(s) represent a significant part of your previous life (for example, the spot where someone stabbed/ killed you). I wonder if this also has anything to do with the moles that appear on parts of our face and body?

      I know that face reading is a big part of Asia, and you can often find these "fortune tellers" next to street vendors because a lot of people like to get their fortune told and believe in the theories behind face reading.

      (Here is a link on Chinese Face Reading, where it talks about certain moles found on specific parts of your face/ body and what they represent: http://www.chinesefortunecalendar.com/FaceMoleReading.htm )

      I watched a video the other day, where it mentioned that since face reading is such a big part of Asia, many individuals get their "bad" moles surgically removed to prevent "bad luck" and ill-fated relationships.

      Just as some may believe that it is possible to change your own fate, is it also possible to decide the processes towards your reincarnation after you have died (to whom/how you are born again as)?