Thursday, November 6, 2014

More about: Leading a Sustainable Life

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Here are a few more links that show how things are interconnected and what you can do to lead a more sustainable life. Please feel free to comment on any aspects raised in these clips you find particularly important and/or interesting!

Annie Leonard, The Story of Stuff Project:
-> in particular:
The Story of Stuff:

Vegan - A Life Connected:

See also: Oprah Winfrey's Vegan Challenge:

Severn Suzuki's famour speech:

David Suzuki & Tara Cullis's Declaration of Interdependence:


  1. In David Suzuki & Tara Cullis's “Declaration of Interdependence”, they talk about human’s degradation of the earth’s finite resources. Reminding us we are one species amongst millions of others sharing the planet. For decades, humans have behaved as if they owned the world and it was theirs to exploit. Concentrated animal feeding operations produce high levels of methane and ammonia lowering air quality, breeding disease, and eroding the earth to a desert wasteland. Monoculture crops degrade the land of all its nutrients so we add on chemical fertilizer that pollutes our soil and water. Nitrogen run-off accelerates algae growth removing oxygen from water, and with it, its ability to sustain aquatic life. On land it has detrimental effects for animals immune systems as toxins build up. This especially affects higher trophic levels of predators. Upsetting the entire balance of ecosystems. We harm ourselves in the process. We deplete the ozone, pollute our air and water and destroy environments of our co-species of earth. Finally we seem to be working towards revitalization of the planet. I believe the point of the Suzuki’s short video was to give hope. The first step is recognizing there is a problem, educating people in the issue and accepting responsibility for our actions as a species. Then they remind us that the battle has just begun. So much more has to happen, but we are on a path to recovery. Hopefully this will be the generation to redeem our species past.
    By sustainable farming we can lower the amount of soil erosion, pollution, and chemical usage on industrial crops. Crop rotation and rotational grazing of animals helps to restore the natural cycle. Animals eat food that is natural for them, not a wheat and corn smoothie, and return the nutrients to the soil through their waste for plants to regenerate. Rotating two or more crops also helps to add nutrients back into the soil. No more fertilizers required! Moving away from pest vulnerable monoculture crops reduces the needs for chemical pesticides. Buy produce from local self-sustainable farmers instead of industrial corporations who prioritize capital gain. Try and know where your food comes from. The closer the better.

  2. I watch the video “the story of solutions” and I wish I would have seen this before I started my research paper. I have been asking myself for a very long time of how we can make a worldwide change to a sustainable future. It is impossible to change the entire world in one day even when we take out the corporations which have too much imposable power. This video implies that we have to start at a community level which is very true. I don’t agree with protests I find they do more harm than good. But if we change people’s position on certain subjects through information then we can change individual communities and it will spread. If we give people the knowledge and understanding of what is happening then they can make changes based on their own decisions. I know that not every person will choose the environment over our modern way of living but I believe that there is a point at which they can both coincide. Much like the video and how sharing things can reduce the foot print we have on society. I am all for things like craigslist where items are reused instead of going into the landfills. I also really like the idea of changing the goal in general not one specific thing at a time. It is a much stronger message to change an economic goal away from GDP which does not take into many factors. This sense of changing a goal like GDP into a goal towards a sustainable planet is something that I think people could get behind. Also if we did this then the major corporations wouldn’t have as much power as they do now.