Tuesday, November 25, 2014

In Search of Yourself

The question, "Who Am I?" has been one of the most important questions in human history.

Please reflect on who you are - either by referring to philosophical, psychological, sociological, anthropological, spiritual, and/or cultural theories - or by sharing your personal inner explorations.

Feel also free to play with personality tests of various kinds and see if they help you understand yourself better.

Links to personality tests and other material you  might want to try out in this context:

Caroline Myss, Archetypes (based on Carl Jung):

Myers-Briggs, Personality Types (also based on Carl Jung):

Keirsey Temperaments:

Helen Fisher's Personality Types:

Ayurvedic Types (Dosha Test):

You and your love relations:

Feel free to share and/or comment (any genre is fine)!

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  1. My Soul

    My soul is not found in the depths of a forest,
    Nor in the abyss of an ocean.
    It is not found on top of the tallest mountain,
    Nor on the stretches of the greatest desert.
    If I searched through every market in the world,
    My efforts would be pointless, as I would not find it.
    My soul lies dormant in my body like a solitary flame in a kiln.
    Every time I laugh, smile or love, it flickers.
    Every time I cry, frown or hate, it flickers.
    Wavering, glimmer ever so slightly of who I am.
    I remember to keep my feelings dear.
    I remember to express them in my own way.
    Because when I cease to feel, to care,
    I cease to be me.