Thursday, November 6, 2014

Benjamin Zander about Music

Hi All,

Please listen to this talk by Benjamin Zanders and share your thoughts!





  1. Music is usually recognized as a helpful way for relax. Benjamin Zander, a prestigious conductor, illustrates that classical music has transformative power which may alter our life and affect our emotion and perception. Benjamin aims to use classical music to make a difference on children, his definition of success is having many shining eyes around him, which means that these people feel the power of classic music and are willing to accept classical music as a loyal partner for their lives in the future.

    Personally, when I listen to classical music, I feel relaxed and peaceful. Classical music is usually pure and comes with no decoration, and it can calm me down and clear my mind when I am anxious. I can feel an implicit force that helps me to think deeper. That being said, Benjamin also mentions that he talks to a woman who survived from Auschmitz, what she said really impressed me: “Never say anything that could not stand as the last thing I ever say.” Sometimes we may be too hard to people around us, especially to those who are close to us, that we hardly think what if this is the last chance I talk with them. So is music, some of us do not believe in the power of music until they actually experience it in person, therefore it's not fair to draw an absolute conclusion that music has little influence to you just because you are not a fan of it.

  2. I have always enjoyed most types of music with a few exceptions. I am constantly on the search for new bands, genres, and eras. Classical music is one that I have never ventured into not because I don’t like the sound but because it was very rarely played while I was growing up and into adulthood. After watching this ted talk I quite liked the sound of classical music and may dive deeper into the genre after finals are over. Benjamin Zander says he plans on inspiring kids through classical music. He does this because of the response he gets, the shimmer in the eyes of the people he plays for and teaches. Classical music does have some powerful effects of which have been tested and provide sufficient evidence that classical music is beneficial to listen to. This shimmer in the eyes of the ones that he teaches does not come from classical music in my opinion. I think that this shimmer that he speaks of happens to people when they see someone who is truly passionate of their craft. To see someone who has the purist of intentions and admiration for something whether it be music, sports, or any other hobbies or careers, this touches people in a way that creates this shimmer that Benjamin talks about. Classical music is what Benjamin is passionate about; it is his craft that he wants to teach the world. This passion we can see and creates that shimmer in our eye.