Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Creative Writing :)

Please write a story, poem, or short play - or anything else you wish - and share it with us.

Have fun!



  1. exams are near
    but have no fear
    i promise your textbook will catch all your tears.
    all semester our profs have taught
    now its our turn to show them that we know a lot!
    exams are a time of lacking sleep
    and all we often do is weep and weep.
    study hard and good grades will come,
    i promise, friends, you are not dumb

    happy studying everyone

  2. Golf

    Tee it, set it
    Swing it, hit it
    Smash it, cut it
    Draw it, fade it,
    Hook it, slice it
    Approach it, Chip it
    Putt it, sink it
    Hole it, birdie it
    Par it, bogie it

  3. Estrange

    Our memories weigh upon the periphery of my mind,
    How you’ve changed, how you’ve departed from the being I once knew.
    Once confident, now shy,
    Once joyful, now sad.
    Oh how you’ve changed.
    The things you loved, the things you cherished,
    Now no meaning, no interest
    You’ve changed.
    A husk of something once human,
    Now an automaton of no emotion.
    You’ve become the sole inhabitant of your own world,
    You pass those you knew, those you cared.
    Estranged, who are you?
    I don’t even recognize you.
    Your face, your hands, your body,
    All have become distorted.
    Every time I stare into the mirror,
    The reflection of truth,
    I see you.

  4. This final exam is one I shall embrace
    Put in hard work for one I shall ace
    And this exam will be destroyed: Coup de grace

    This exam is one I will deface, beat its face
    with a mace aka my knowledge base, with complete and utter grace
    ENGL112 has taken much disk space
    Files are to be displaced, its time I race
    But I'm already at third base

    And I'm about to come first place!

  5. Movember (Limerick poem)

    Finally it is that time of year
    For everybody to try and look like a bear.
    As the end of it nears
    Worthier than play-off beards
    For the people who we find so dear.

  6. Poinsettias in the winter will brighten the snow,
    Tulips in the spring will kiss you pale,
    Daisies in the summer will heighten your low,
    Roses in the fall with petals that flail,
    Daffodils in the rain will brighten your heart,
    Lilies of the lake will wring your eyes dry,
    Carnations in the fire will tear you apart,
    And dandelions will leave you a lie

  7. English 112 I’m almost done
    One more poem, I’m having fun
    My eyes slowly start to shut
    As I try to escape this rut
    Maybe tomorrow I’ll get to sleep
    Or think of my GPA and weep
    I feel like such a mess
    Which I am trying to express
    I hope I survive
    And stay alive
    Finals please go away
    I will see you again another day.

  8. There was never a person with such a naturalistic presence that people would turn and look. He emitted a certain happiness and thoughtfulness that could be seen through the way he moved. He wore glasses with light gray shades and black frames that rested gently on his face. His hair was black with a hint of gray and when far away, one would think he was bald. He had a small frame, was quite short and had signs of wrinkles forming along his face. But his smile and words of pensiveness made his signs of age ephemeral. The way he strolled alongside the path was most alluring. He never looked at himself but rather gazed at his people and the exquisite nature that stood before him. His long red robe with a patch of yellow was sewn to fit so faultlessly that it covered his entire body and made him become one with the wind when he walked. He was a leader to his people and although he was minuscule in size, his ethics, his beliefs and his values have made him much more.

    Guess who?

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  10. Hey everyone,
    So I have written a short story for my portfolio and it is 6 pages long. I thought it would take too much space if I copy pasted it all on here, so I have just posted the first paragraph and if any of you is interested in reading it, let me know and I will post the rest. Thanks...


    Jack looks into his hands at a device of the divine power… One possible of shaping destiny… To use it or not… He breathes heavily… Blood thumping in his ears… He shakes uncontrollably... Thinking of the mistakes he has made. And reflects upon using this magical temptation. Whether it would shatter his soul and humanity or whether he would be able to restrain himself from the beguiling mistress in the form of a watch...............................