Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Non-Human and Human Animals: Consciousness and Rights

It's called Specisism - but the situation is about to change.

Please read the Declaration of Animal Consciousness (Cambridge Declaration of Consciousness):
... and check out this brief documentary about a long overdue lawsuit:

Then watch the following 3 TED Talks about some of our lovely Relatives and their intelligence:




Please comment on the topics of animal consciousness, intelligence, and/or how you can help to improve the situation for animals in our world!

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  1. There are disputes about whether animals demonstrate consciousness. Advocates of this theory states that animal do have consciousness like human being does. For example, paints by elephants usually surprise people because these paints sometimes display unique styles. Although elephants are trained to paint, it is possible that painting may become a way for elephants to convey their perception and consciousness of things around them. Most elephants can master in painting abstract items, nevertheless these are elephants who can draw figurative forms of what they see.

    If animal really demonstrate consciousness like we do, does it mean that we all need to give up eating meat and turn to be vegetarians? Human raises pigs, sheep and other animals and kill them in orders to produce everyday food. If animals share the same consciousness as human, I do not think it's ethical anymore to kill these animals for food. They cannot communicate with human, but this does not mean that we can ignore their consciousness. If we do not treat them equally like human when they actually have consciousness and intelligence and they know what we do to them, they might also collaborate to fight against human nature someday, although sounds unbelievable.