Thursday, November 6, 2014

Near-Death Experiences

Although death is a topic that nobody in our society wants to talk about, I'd like to invite you to watch this documentary about near-death experiences. It will probably change your perspective....


Please comment on any aspect of Death (and/or consciousness after death) - and Life - you wish!


  1. Keep these two following questions in your mind. Don't Answer them. 1.How would you live your life if you knew when you were going to die? 2.If you had the choice, would you like to know when and how you were going to die?
    It isn't a comforting thought at all to think about death. To some, including myself, death is a fear. I wonder often how I may die, although I don't think I want to know the answer. Maybe I will die of old age, maybe I will die of sickness, maybe I will get shot. There are hundreds of thousands of possibilities. Thinking about death is a really dark place to put your mind. How can you possibly focus on when you're going to die when you are still alive? When I was much younger, the first time I thought about death, I remember thinking that once you die, you're gone forever. I still have troubles today grasping the concept that life is eternal. Imagine if we lived in the time when dinosaurs roamed the earth. When we died billions of years ago, today we would still be dead, much like when we die, billions of years from now we will still be dead. Your life is so short in contrast to how long you will really be dead. Now when people say the term "life is short" I know what they mean. They don't mean that life itself is short. Hell, 80 or so years is a long time. But when you think about life in context to how long you will be spending dead, life is indeed incredibly short. When I think about death, I also like to comfort myself with the thought of reincarnation. At least, if you believe you will eventually live again, it may not be as scary to think about death.
    So, after reading this, now you can answer the two questions. if you had the opportunity to know when and how you will die would you chose to? Would it change the way you live your life if you knew these?

  2. I have always been intrigued by the idea of what happens after death. Some may believe in some kind of reincarnation, some may believe in an eternally happy place you may go, so long as you lived a good life, some may believe that simply nothing happens while others may believe in something radically different from any of those. In my mind, I like to envision that after death, everything happens. Anything that you can possibly think of can happen, the only limit being your own imagination. Do you wish to be reincarnated? Then so be it, what do you wish to be reincarnated as? Do you want to live in your ideal vision of the world? Then so you shall. No one has ever, or most likely will ever be, able to tell us what exactly happens after death. Does anything that has happened back here on Earth, in our current reality, apply at all to what happens after death? Why can't there be an infinite number of possible realities for a person to choose from once they die? All of these questions are impossible to know while we are still here, on Earth, so perhaps we will never know. But I choose to hope, and one day I will see what exactly will occur after my death.

    1. It is said that reincarnation happens to those who leave some things unfinished when they are dead. I'm also wondering what I will become after I die? Will I turn to be an apparition that still lives in this world or I become a new born baby and start with a new life over again? Will I still remember everything and everyone in the previous round? These questions will always remain to be confusing because no one can experience it first and then talk about answers.

  3. What does life, and death have in common? Going out, having fun with family and friends, travelling to new places are all elements in life that we can do because we are given this beautiful opportunity. The moment we are born, we have an unlimited time limit, we have freedom to do anything we want, when we want. Initially, we are in control of what we want to do with ourselves, we can predict what we want and can do in the future. But, what happens when you reach the fatal time of death? What happens after death, is there a hell or heaven? Being approached by an event, such as a near death experience of surviving from a car crash, or being overdosed can answer this question. Being involved in a near death experiment can not just answer this question, it can mores change your point of view on life too. Additionally, being surrounded by people who have been through this can also have an affect on you. My cousin dealt with a near death experience as he in the police force, and this left a huge remark on his family, more so his parents, it typically changed their entire life. We begin to think more about the important things in life, and not materialistic elements in life such as money, cars, or houses. We begin to value who, and what we have in life, but more so, we begin to cherish our own life. We begin to appreciate, admire, and embrace the chance we are given to live in this beautiful world. So, begin to life to the fullest, as the saying goes "life is too short". However, what happens after death? Where do our souls go? Everyone has their own point of view on this hateful topic. Some believe in reincarnation, while some believe once you die, there is no coming back. I believe that the moment we die, our mind and body completely die out also, but our soul does not. I consider that our soul reincarnates into something, possibly another human being or even an animal or a tree. The creation of life is dazzling, but the ending like everything is else is brutal. We do not know when we may approach this effect in our life, but remember to always live life, be nice and kind to everyone in life because the death of one person can result to be fatal to your peers also. Death is not something we can indulge very well, it can take days, months or possibly even years to get over the fact that something as barbarous as this can actually happen.

  4. Life ends when we're dead, and what we become after this process is a controversial topic because nobody can prove it true with science or disprove it with existing technology. However, there are people who have experienced near death and perhaps what they say can inspire us and help us figure out a way to explore this mystery.

    The first time I ever heard about real near death experience is when I was in grade 9. I still remember that when we asked our teacher to tell a horror story, the teacher decided to talk about the near death experience. Her friend encountered a car accident and was sent to the hospital, when she was in the middle of the operation, her heart actually stopped beating for a while, but fortunately she survived. After she recovered, she told our teacher that during the operation, she actually felt something unusual. She felt like she was becoming lighter and lighter, and her spirit was about to break away from her body and float in the air. However, she fell back to her body and she thought that's when her heart started to work again.

  5. The topic of death and life after interested me and I did some research about it and this is the conclusions that I came with. Agree or not; it will however cause you to think about it deeply.

    Death is your consciousness ending in one body and beginning in another. The collective unconscious stays with you always like a guiding angel and brings what you learned with you. It is with you on a subconscious level if you come back on the animal level. It is with you on a conscious level if you come back as a spiritual being in heaven.

    One of the big selling points of the myth of heaven is you rejoin your loved ones that have died before or after you. The myth says that you see your loved ones the way they looked in this life. This is not true; you are born into new and different bodies. The only thing that is the same is the spirit.

    Coming back as you are does not make sense, and no one would really want it to be true. When a child dies, the parents expect them to still be a child when they see them in heaven after they die. Does someone that dies as a child have to stay in a child’s body forever? Do old grandmas stay old? It does not happen. There is no judge or judgment when you die; you will go where life forms like you go. If you live as an animal, you will be an animal in the next life. If you live as a spiritual being, you will continue to be one in your next life.

    Spirits do not live without a physical body of one kind or another. Ghosts or disembodied spirits that talk to people and haunt houses do not exist. If there were ghosts where people die, every hospital would be haunted.

    Your spirit needs a body to live in. You need functional eyes to see, or the blind could see. You need ears to hear, vocal cords to talk, etc. When you die, from your own perspective, you are instantly reborn into another body inside the womb of your future mother. When you leave the womb, you will be in a new environment that reflects the level of awareness you achieved in this lifespan. Your level of awareness in the collective unconscious mind determines the nature of your new body and environment. It is what all the evidence says is true. If you learn the truth, you are born into a family with the souls of people you are related to and/or loved in this life and past lives if they are also on the same level of awareness. You will eventually be with all your loved ones in heaven after they learn the truth.

  6. When people have a near-death experience it is said to change their whole perspective on life. People do not always notice how good they really have it until their own life is almost taken away from them that they really learn to appreciate what they have. Through this traumatic experience they are able to value the more important things in life like their family and faith rather than personal status and wealth. So with this message it is also important to live each day to its fullest; carpe diem. Living everyday like it is ones last day on this plant may seem a bit morbid at first, but I believe it can make people have a more optimistic outlook on life. Death is not something to be feared, but rather a way in which one can value their time on earth and think about what kind of legacy they will leave; “what kind of person do they want to be remembered as?” This is an important question people must ask themselves if they truly want to find their purpose or the meaning of life itself.

  7. The idea of near death experiences can cause chills up ones spine, the thought of death alone creates a fearful atmosphere for most. As most of us live our lives day by day, we don’t expect death to come knocking on our doorsteps. However, when faced with a sudden accident oneself experiences a new perspective. Most begin to appreciate life more as they have experienced the feeling of almost leaving the world. This shows that you shouldn't have to endure a near death experience to be living your life to its fullest. The idea of death causes many questions amongst people that no one can fully answer, such as certain existential questions like “what happens after death?” To this day no one has an answer to this. Although I can’t speak for everyone, I believe with our different beliefs and opinions that whatever happens after death is upto oneself. This refers to everyones religion or views has an impact on what they want to happen after death, whether it be heaven, reincarnation, or simply nothing. No one has the right to dictate what is to happen to others after death especially considering the fact that we have no proof or evidence of certain theories.