Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Geometry of Consciousness

Please watch the following movie from the Spirit-Science series. I think it's really interesting and stimulating - but certainly NOT mainstream :) Feel free to comment on any aspect and/or to add links to similar topics and comment on them.


If you would like a more scientific presentation instead (or in addition), please listen to Garrett Lisi's TED talk:


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  1. From the first half of the movie, I had a few thoughts on Sacred-Geometry Theory of consciousness. The beginning states some good points. There are things science rules out as “taboo” from lack of proof without any evidence that they do not. Personally, I believe in science and I wont get into religion, but I have an open mind towards anything that has not been proven wrong as well. I believe you cannot label something fiction simply because you do not understand it.
    So consider my argument lightly. I watched half of this video and that does not give me credit to judge this theory because I may not know what I think I do. This is from my understanding from the video and I still have an open mind towards the idea. However, the approach presented to me by this video does not give me the right evidence to see legitimacy in it.
    First of all, I would like to address the obvious stereotyping of gender personality. What set me off was the idea about “female” and “male energy”. In summary, the speaker sees two types of energies in people. There is the “random”, “creative”, “expressive”, “emotional” energy he labels as “female energy”. This energy is full of “movement” and therefore it must be female because “women have curvier bodies”. Then there is the “structural”, “analytical”, “strong”, “strategic” energy labelled “male energy” which must be male because “men have straighter bodies”. I am not going to undermine the theory that there are two types of energy. I could understand that, but body shape is not reason enough to say a loopy, absentminded, and creative energy is strictly female and an analytical, strategic energy is strictly male. Why label it by gender at all? He says specifically that “this is not based on sexual orientation” but he is implying that it is based on gender. I am a girl and I can tell you I associate a lot more with this seemingly male energy then I do with the female. That is my personality. I do not believe personality is linked to gender. Aggressiveness because of hormones, maybe, but that is much different. He then goes on to say we humans as a “species are extremely left-brained” which many people know is the analytical side of the brain as opposed to the right which is our creative side. So if we are all mostly left-brained, analytical side being favoured, then we all contain this analytical energy and thought process he was describing earlier as strictly male? Then he is contradicting himself.
    Or maybe I misunderstood. Maybe the speaker means that in general there is a right hand side of the brain that correlates to our “creative energy” and a left brain that correlates to this ‘analytical energy” and we all possess both. Then he as labelled these energies, not directly related to gender at all, strictly by the primitive female and male personality stereotypes of earlier and sexist society.